Xiaoli Duan (北京科技大学 能源与环境工程学院-段小丽 (


Professor and PhD supervisor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Vice Dean of the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, member of the National Environmental Standards Expert Committee, deputy chairman of the Advisory Committee of Environmental and Health Data Standards and Information Sharing Experts of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, member of the Environmental and Ecotoxicology Branch of the Chinese Society of Toxicology. 

She has long been committed to research in the field of “environmental pollution, human exposure and health risk assessment”, presided over and participated in the completion of more than 20 projects such as the National Environmental Protection Public Welfare Research Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and international cooperation. She took the lead in organizing the first nationwide development in my country. The large-scale “Research on the Environmental Exposure Behavior of Chinese People” was completed, and the first set of “Chinese People’s Exposure Parameters Manual” was compiled and issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. So far, she has published more than 130 academic papers, edited 12 academic monographs, and edited or participated in the editing of 4 national environmental protection standards. The relevant theories and technical methods of population exposure risk assessment suitable for my country’s national conditions have been constructed, and an indicator system and Chinese population exposure parameter data representative of the entire population have been established. Her main participation in “Regional Environmental Pollution Population Exposure Risk Prevention and Control Technology and Its Application” won the second prize of the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked 2nd).


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Vice Chairman

Wonho Yang

BE, MPH, Ph.D., Professional Eng. Department of Occupational Health, Catholic University of Daegu. President of KSEH (Korean Society of Environmental Health).

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Shoji F. Nakayama


PhD in Public Health, Deputy Director of the Office of the Japanese Environment and Child Research Project, and Chief of the Exposure Dynamics Research Section of the Health and Environmental Risk Research Center of the National Institute of Environmental Research, Japan. 

He is currently recognized as a public health expert and supervisor by the Japanese Public Health and Social Medicine Committee. He is also a professor at St. Luke’s International University and University of Tsukuba. He is also the associate editor of Environment International and Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. He was invited to work in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in 2005, mainly engaged in the exposure research of perfluoroalkyl substances and research on the risk management of new pollutants. In 2011, he joined the National Institute of Environmental Studies of Japan. His main research direction is exposure science, especially child exposure. At the same time, he is committed to human biological monitoring research, including the development of new pollutant research methods. Recently, Dr. Shoji F. Nakayama is collaborating with researchers in the United States, Canada, the European Union and Asia to promote and promote research on children's environmental health.


Yankai Xia


Professor, Vice President of Nanjing Medical University, the Deputy Director of International Joint Research Center for Environment and Human Health, China. 

He is also the PI of State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine and Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology (MOE). He has devoted his main research in “Environment and Reproductive Health”. He is the Chief Scientist of the National Key Research and Development Program of China and has been in charge of 15 national or international projects. He has published over 280 articles with H-index of 52. He also owns 9 authorized national patents. Prof. Xia has been awarded the Second Prize of National S&T Progress Award. He is also the co-chair of Membership Committee of ISES, the committee members of Birth Cohort Consortium of Asia (BiCCA) and several Chinese academic committees, as well as the Chief Editor of Technical Terms for Toxicology, China. He also acts as Associate Editor/Editor/Editor-in-Chief of international journals.


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Secretary General

Jicheng Gong (实验室 PI | Jicheng Gong (宫继成) (


Researcher and Assistant Professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University. The main research direction is to study the health effects and biological mechanisms of environmental pollutant exposure on the human body by means of the development and measurement of biomarkers. Innovative results have been achieved in the field of environmental health, including as the co-first author published in the top medical journal The Lancet (IF=53.2) on the health effects of traffic pollution on people with cardiopulmonary diseases. Co-authors in the top medical journals “Proceedings of the American Medical Association” (JAMA, IF=47.7), JAMA sub-journals (JAMA-Internal Medicine, IF=16.5), and the top journal of respiratory health “American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine” (AJRCCM, IF=13.2) published research papers and so on. The research results have published 38 SCI papers in important international journals in the field of environmental science and health, with a total of more than 1,500 citations, H-index 18.